Cymru Couriers – working with the IWW

We are a group of couriers fighting for better conditions for us and a better service for you.  Our specialty is delivering goods from A to B, it’s what we do, and whilst we know what we need to change to make things better we know we need support to make that happen!

Because of this we have teamed up with the IWW Cymru ( to utilise their skills, knowledge and dedicated membership to help us by:

  • Providing support for individual members of the collective in case of grievances etc. (this does require membership to the IWW though as they have costs to pay!)
  • Providing us with IT and other infrastructure support – free of charge!
  • Helping us with advice and practical support on the organising, planning and logistics of our campaigns

IWW Cymru have written about some of the reasons why they have agreed to help us out and how their Union is helping couriers across the country too. You can read more on their website here.

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