Poor Service? Poor System!

Have you ever wondered why your delivery takes longer than expected? How about why it sometimes turns up in less than perfect condition?

Naturally we understand that it is easy to blame us when you don’t get what you expected, when you expected it or when something turns up in a poor condition.  This is understandable as you only normally interact with two parts of the chain – the one you order from and the people who deliver to you.

BUT, as couriers we know how the system should work and how sometimes it doesn’t, and when it doesn’t this means your delivery is compromised, and we want to change that!

So what actually happens?

When you order something from Deliveroo or Uber the order is sent to the restaurant along with an estimated time that couriers will arrive so it can be ready to race to you in tip-top condition.  This doesn’t always happen though…

Often couriers will turn up on time and your food won’t be ready, meaning that sometimes they are standing around for 10-15 minutes at a time waiting for the food to be cooked.

Sometimes they arrive on time and the food has been prepared too early, meaning it’s sat there getting cold – not great when it then has to be delivered to you and it is not leaving the restaurant in perfect condition!

This happens for two reasons, in some cases it is because the couriers estimated arrival time is not correctly sent to the restaurant by Deliveroo and Uber and in others it is because restaurants are not preparing food at the right time!

What this means for you:

In both cases you lose out – either your food turns up and it is less than awesome or it takes much longer to arrive than you expect.

Remember, you are paying the restaurants and Deliveroo / Uber for your food, is it too much to ask that they sort out their systems so that food is prepared and ready for when couriers arrive to deliver it to you? We don’t think so!

What this means for us:

As self-employed couriers our time is money! We don’t get paid if deliveries don’t get made and if we are waiting around for the restaurant to cook your food because Deliveroo or Uber told them the wrong info – we are losing money!!

10-15 mins may not sound long, but it only has to happen four times in a day and that is an hours lost time. How would you feel about losing an hours pay because of something you couldn’t control?

What are we doing about it?

We know which restaurants are the key culprits for this sub-standard service. We know when Deliveroo and Uber’s processes go wrong and food isn’t ready when it should be.

To fight this we are going to:

  • Contact these restaurants, try to work with them to change their ways and get us and you a better deal!
  • Pressurise Deliveroo and Uber to improve their systems and processes to make sure that restaurants can be confident that they know when couriers will arrive

The Network will begin contacting individual restaurants to seek a response to the claims and if they are unwilling to work with us to improve the situation we will publicly name and shame them so you know which restaurants to avoid!

How you can help:

Remember, these issues impact you and you deserve to get the product you paid for, when you expect it and in great condition.  Our fight is for us, but it also is your fight.

Keep an eye on our website for updates on the campaign, share our stories with your friends (so you know which places to avoid if you don’t want a sub-standard meal!) and lets change this industry for the better!

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