Pressure on Uber and McDonalds gets results!

After forming in January of this year, members of the Couriers Network Cymru have been hard at work, fighting for our members to improve the conditions they work in. Fighting on two fronts, the Network focused on trying to improve waiting times for our members in McDonalds restaurants in Cardiff and also on getting improvements to the pay and conditions they receive from Uber for their work.

Waiting times at McDonalds!

One of the main issues our members have to face each day is extended waiting times in restaurants whilst they pick up your order – money that we don’t get paid for!!

Three McDonalds restaurants in Cardiff we particularly bad offfenders, with our members having to wait often in excess of 30 minutes between arriving at the restaurant to actually getting the food so they can deliver it.


Our members collectively agreed that enough was enough and sent a formal demand letter to the local restaurants and McDonalds HQ setting out our concerns and after initially this falling on deaf ears, our friends in IWW Cymru organised for their reps to go in person to discuss this issue with management and seek a solution…

IWW Reps visit McDonalds in Cardiff

Since then, we are happy to report that waiting times have improved a lot, with our members recognising that through better organisation of their staff rotas they are able to prepare the orders in good time – and we are losing less money!!

We remain vigilant however, and should standards slip we will be ready to engage with them again to make sure things remain ship-shape!

UberEATS listen to our demands!

Alongside our work to improve conditions in restaurants locally for our members, we also sent a set of demands to Uber to improve our pay, the way the App works and the safety of couriers in carrying out their normal jobs. Since both sending the demands to head office and delivering them in person to the local office, representatives of Uber Head Office have been to Cardiff twice to meet with couriers, listen to their concerns and agree to work to improve things.


So far we are pleased to report that Uber has:

  • Added two additional ‘zones’ to the city of Cardiff, meaning that work is spread more evenly and is more reflective of demand
  • Updated its cancellation policy meaning our members have more power to cancel an order if the customer is not there to collect their order
  • Have added an additional ‘boost’ (a multiplier that is applied to an order) timeslot between 12:00 and 12:30 to ensure our members receive the right payment for orders collected at 12:00 but delivered afterwards

There are still key issues that Uber need to work on, which they have committed to improving:

  • Improvements to the App GPS routing – vital to prevent our members being directed onto dual carriageways which puts their safety at risk
  • Improvements to the order submission screen for customers so that a full address is required and we know exactly where we need to deliver food to!

Looking to the future…

The developments since we launched have been really positive, and have made a real difference to our members daily work lives.  We are only just getting started, there is so much more that needs to be done, and each day we grow bigger, stronger and more effective!!



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