Who are we?

We are a collaboration between the the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World), a grassroots trade union, and a rapidly growing group of couriers working for Deliveroo and UberEats. The network aims to push to change the conditions of labour relations in the industry to get a better deal for its members and ultimately to enable a better service for the public.

The nature of the industry means the majority of the networks members are self-employed, but using the time honoured tactics of collective organisation and direct action they are seeking to change things!

There is no requirement for members of the network to join the IWW (although many of the networks members are in the IWW) but given our shared aims and belief in grassroots activism we have agreed to help build worker’s power!

What are we fighting for?

We want to fight to improve the standards across our industry – both for us and for consumers – and feel that it is wrong that when companies are making millions of pounds in profit each year that this is done at the expense of either the workers or by having poorly functioning processes which mean we can’t get your deliveries to you at the right time or in the right condition.

Taking inspiration from the long history of the labour movement we have decided to stand together and collectively fight for what we believe in and to make sure that extracting profits doesn’t come at the cost of poor service for consumers or crap conditions for workers.

How are we organised?

Couriers Network Cymru are a free association of couriers from across Wales, working together for causes we find important, believing a collective voice and collective action can bring real change.

We are independent to a fault (not surprising given that most of us got into the industry because of the independence and flexibility that it offers) and believe that only by mutual consent that anyone would join and get involved.  We don’t ask for any membership fees, dues or have any expectation of our members to give more than they can or what they don’t want to.

Our expertise is in the courier business, and when it comes to industrial relations we are by no means experts.  Because of this we have teamed up with the IWW Cymru (iww.org.uk/cymru) to utilise their skills, knowledge and dedicated members to help us with a range of things including:

  • Providing support for individual members of our group in case of grievances etc. (this does require membership to the IWW though as they have costs to pay!)
  • Providing us with IT and other infrastructure support free of charge
  • Helping us with advice and practical support on the organising, planning and logistics of our campaigns

Want to know more?

Keep your eye on the website or across our Twitter and Facebook for updates on our campaigns and goings-on, but if you want to get in touch directly then feel free to drop us a line on cymru.riders@iww.org.uk